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Tyler Gaw

Designer + Developer

Tyler Gaw

about me

Once when I was a small child I climbed on top of the kitchen table and grabbed a bottle of what I'm guessing I thought was delicious cherry Kool-Aid. I can't say for certain if I drank out of that bottle, but what I am certain of is that your mother will call poison control in a big damned hurry if she sees you clutching a bottle of lamp oil with a red lamp oil mustache on your smiling face.

The lamp oil didn't take me out and I've been just as inquisitive of my surroundings every day since. If I see something that looks interesting, I am compelled to dive in to find out about it. In August 2008, my quest for knowledge through adventure saw me driving across the country with all my belongings stuffed into my car. Just before the wheels came off, I landed in the greatest city on earth: New York, New York. I was here to start a new job in a place that I had only visited once briefly years before.

I now spend my days designing and developing software at Arc90, a fun group of super talented and intelligent individuals. Seriously, they could probably program a toaster to do their laundry. At Arc, I get to use my constant questioning of everything to help make decisions that mold our applications into not only easy-to-use, but also fun-to-use end-products.

I also still scare my mother any chance I get.

about this site

First of all, the site is built using an extension of the Zend Framework written by a number of my co-workers at Arc. It is aptly named Zarc. (Update: Moved the site off the very much un-needed PHP framework onto plain ole' static html)

To display my Tweets, I am using Matt Williams' excellent PHP Twitter API Client. (Update: Switched off the PHP to Javascript. Using one of the 3000 jQuery Twitter plugins)

What is a site these days without some jQuery? I'm using it to make crud bounce around the screen.


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